Young Mama/Teens at Risk Program

The Young Mama/Teen Market program supports our youngest mamas and teens that require additional financial, life skills and emotional assistance.  The Young Mama Program brings together experts in a mentor-ship based platform to take the fear and uncertainty out of navigating life as a youth and young motherhood. Life skills are acquired through ongoing and structured programs that teach foundational skills required to survive and thrive as a new mother. Skills include but are not limited to healthy cooking on a low income, parenting, nutritional basics, job preparation and job ready skills, budgeting and establishing short term and long-term financial goals, self-care, accessing community resources and continuing education. This program is designed specifically for youth and teen moms under 24 years of age who are particularly susceptible to poverty, homelessness and severe mental health issues when faced with having to care for an infant while they themselves are still a child.


The Teen Market has been created to assist youth who may require access to basic resources including food, clothing, shoes, school supplies and hygiene products. This program was created to fill the gap for those youths who need a hand up while struggling to become young adults with minimal personal support systems.

Program Outline

At Mamas for Mamas, our key initiatives and programs are designed with the message of a “hand up” not a “hand out”, meaning that in order to get to the systemic issues of poverty, certain belief systems that have been passed on from generation to generation need to be re threaded with the belief that they can change their path. This program has been developed with this in mind, addressing issues such as mental health, financial health, mindful practices, eating well, exercise, etc, and these are delivered by educated, respected members in the communities in each of their fields.

Sponsored In Part By:

Community donations