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Mamas At Risk Program

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The Mamas for Mamas at-risk Comprehensive program provides individualized intakes for mamas and children experiencing poverty related struggles with our registered social worker. We provide referrals to community-based agencies for collaborative family support services and offer in-house donation and mental health programs and services to fill the gaps for available and timely services. Supports include but are not limited to: facilitating resource navigation, addressing and preventing homelessness, access to fresh nutrition, increasing access to diapers, wipes, supplemental food, referring to mental health counselling and groups and anything else related to alleviating the experience of poverty for mothers and children.

Our Karma Market is a free store filled with clothing, shoes, toiletries and emergency nonperishable food hampers offered to our low-income mamas with referrals from our social worker or other connected agencies.

As part of the founding principles of Mamas for Mamas, the donation program takes direct aim at changing the landscape of poverty for the working poor by providing free, good quality household items and clothing while reducing the financial pressure of obtaining nonessential items required for living for Mamas and their families in our community. This program also takes aim at reducing the amount of waste hitting landfills by facilitating recycling of items no longer needed/suitable in one home that could be well used, and needed in another.

Teen Program

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The Young Mama/Teen Market program supports our youngest mamas and teens that require additional financial, life skills and emotional assistance. The Young Mama Program brings together experts in a mentor-ship based platform to take the fear and uncertainty out of navigating life as a youth and young motherhood. Life skills are acquired through ongoing and structured programs that teach foundational skills required to survive and thrive as a new mother. Skills include but are not limited to healthy cooking on a low income, parenting, nutritional basics, job preparation and job-ready skills, budgeting and establishing short term and long-term financial goals, self-care, accessing community resources and continuing education. This program is designed specifically for youth and teen moms under 24 years of age who are particularly susceptible to poverty, homelessness and severe mental health issues when faced with having to care for an infant while they themselves are still a child.


The Teen Market has been created to assist youth who may require access to basic resources including food, clothing, shoes, school supplies and hygiene products. This program was created to fill the gap for those youths who need a hand up while struggling to become young adults with minimal personal support systems.

BC Children’s Hospital Program

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Birthday Program

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Sustainable Nourishment Program

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Mamas for Mamas

Stay at Home Gala

For the safety of all involved, the Mamas for Mamas 2020 gala has been taken exclusively online with a stay at home gala this year, and are so excited for you to join us!

Mamas Host Your Bubble Gala Presents Casey Clarke as MC with fabulous guest speakers Jillian Harris, Sarah Landry from The Bird’s Papaya, Jess Tetu, and Dr. Jody Carrington with entertainment by Country Music Star & Honourary Mama Aaron Pritchett!

Hear from our Mamas and Papas who have benefited from our programs. It’s a heartwarming evening you won’t want to miss.