“When you think about TELUS, what comes to mind? Phone services, Internet, maybe the giant groups of people wearing purple you see volunteering all over town throughout the year?

I think of all of that and so much more. I think of a reason, a season and a lifetime…

What is our reason? Mamas For Mamas was the first registered Canadian charity born on social media, so we are aware of both the light and the dark side of the Internet. As a result, we are passionately dedicated to making sure we are raising responsible digital citizens, and really couldn’t do it without free TELUS Wise tools, tips and workshops.

I think about our dream to plant a farm to help provide sustainable food security to families in need, and I reflect back on TELUS stepping up to make sure that became our reality in 2017. Not only did they show up in force to prepare and plant our plot, they paid for and installed our irrigation AND presented us with a cheque to help us keep the farm going for the season. This is our season.

Mamas has recently started working with foster kids to make sure they have what they need when moving from home to home. One of the hugest issues we have encountered is how to support children who are aging out of the foster care system; when aging out luckily we have friends and partners like TELUS who have thought about that already. TELUS Mobility for Good is a program for youth aging out of care that provides them with a free smartphone complete with a plan that allows texting, calling, and data; but that’s not even the most exciting part, not to me anyway! One of the most exciting parts about Mobility for Good is that these kids get a phone bill every month with a zero balance, so they can start to build credit for their future. This right here is a hand up not a hand out, and this is only one of the programs offered by TELUS that truly changes the lives and futures of the clients we have the privilege of serving. At Mamas, we like to approach problem-solving from the lens of a mother rather than an agency, and it’s clear that TELUS does the same through these social purpose initiatives.

Beyond the benefits of raising digital citizens, we help our mama’s navigate the ever-changing world of a baby’s development through the TELUS Baby Health app which allows new parents to keep all their newborn’s health information in one place creating a digital personal health record that is available at their fingertips whenever they need it. Managing your health is so important, and that’s why TELUS has also launched the Babylon by TELUS Health virtual care app, which is a fast, convenient and free way to get access to health information and care, which is particularly helpful for busy Mamas while at home or on the go. Any Mama can use the app to check symptoms, and in BC there’s an added feature to connect virtually to a local doctor within minutes and the appointment is covered through the provincial MSP. This is support for a lifetime… thank you TELUS, for being the change we need to see in the world. For being our reason, our season and part of Mamas for our lifetime.”

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