Sustainable Nourishment Program

We manage a ½ acre piece of farmland in our efforts to support and promote food security for low-income mothers and families in our community. We host 50 laying hens to provide a fresh healthy source of protein to families, who can be part of growing their own food security by working the farm as a volunteer when possible. Volunteering on the farm is not a requirement for accessing fresh food hampers, and mamas can register easily through our website. Fresh food hampers are currently available for pickup, or for those with mobility issues delivery can be arranged.


Clients looking to register for fresh food hampers email

How the program works:

We have a total of 80 egg-laying hens on our farm which produce an average of 5 eggs per week and a total of 20,740 eggs per year. This provides approximately 4,123 packages of organic, free-range eggs to the community per year. Eggs are given out in packages of 6-12 to families identified as needing support.

Beyond the nourishment provided by the Mamas farm garden and laying hens, we provide materials for families to plant their own backyard gardens and if bylaw permits, to provide them with laying hens for their homes as well. This will not only provide the families with a wide variety of freshly grown produce and protein but will also teach them how to create and grow nourishment for themselves.