Respond Like A Mother



What is Mamas for Mamas doing to help combat the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 virus?

So glad you asked!

In typical Mamas style we have created a task force to help all those affected by this pandemic; whether that be financially, emotionally or physically. We are banding together to #Respondlikeamother.

As Mamas, we tend to take care of everyone else first, to make sure our children, partners and parents’ needs are met. Keeping on trend, we recognize this is not just a Mamas issue, but an everyone issue. It is time to build longer tables, not higher fences. These tables will need to be longer than usual to maintain social distancing, but if we all come together, the building of these extended tables will seem less overwhelming.

Let’s gather at the table the seniors that do not have the ability to leave their homes to buy groceries. The mothers patiently waiting for their child tax benefit to come through to buy their essentials. The single dad that is unable to work because he needs to stay home and care for his children. Big picture, we all need to come to the table.

Poverty in our community is going to increase significantly over the next days, weeks and months. The long term effects will be catastrophic to those on a limited income.

Just because we can’t come together in person for a fundraising event, doesn’t mean we can’t come together as a community who looks after each other. We must continue to build our digital village, no matter how socially distant we need to be… we need to stay connected. Now, more than ever.

So today we ask you to join us by contributing whatever you can bring to the table. We all know someone, or many people who will need help in the coming weeks and months.  It starts here and now.

Mamas for Mamas has teamed up with our community partners at the Central Okanagan Foodbank to keep our most marginalized community members supported through this time of uncertainty. It takes a village to raise a child, and it is going to take a resilient and dedicated community to raise the bar on how we treat each other in times of uncertainty, here and across the country. Let us be the example of how a community can #respondlikeamother

This digital fundraiser will be in support of maintaining the emergency and crisis relief support required for the clients of our at-risk program that will continue to fill the gaps in poverty relief, while donations to the Food Bank will support those facing hunger and food scarcity. Poverty comes in all forms, and we all need to make sure our mamas and their families have their bases covered. We also encourage you to donate to the Food Bank to support their drastically increased demand during this time, we are truly all in this together.

We are offering continued support remotely for our mamas to reach out for resources and have access to continued mental health sessions. We are answering emails and phone calls to assist anyone who needs emergency supplies. We will continue to be on the front lines and working with other agencies to come together, gather our resources and get them to the people who need them. We are as always providing a hand up, not a hand out.

In gratitude and unity,

Shannon Christensen & The Mamas Team