Mamas At-Risk Comprehensive Support Program

The Mamas for Mamas at-risk Comprehensive program provides individualized intakes for mamas and children experiencing poverty related struggles with our registered social worker. We provide referrals to community-based agencies for collaborative family support services and offer in-house donation and mental health programs and services to fill the gaps for available and timely services. Supports include but are not limited to: facilitating resource navigation, addressing and preventing homelessness, access to fresh nutrition, increasing access to diapers, wipes, supplemental food, referring to mental health counselling and groups and anything else related to alleviating the experience of poverty for mothers and children.

Our Karma Market is a free store filled with clothing, shoes, toiletries and emergency nonperishable food hampers offered to our low-income mamas with referrals from our social worker or other connected agencies.

As part of the founding principles of Mamas for Mamas, the donation program takes direct aim at changing the landscape of poverty for the working poor by providing free, good quality household items and clothing while reducing the financial pressure of obtaining nonessential items required for living for Mamas and their families in our community. This program also takes aim at reducing the amount of waste hitting landfills by facilitating recycling of items no longer needed/suitable in one home that could be well used, and needed in another.

Program Outline:

The donation program is a comprehensive program that matches identified needs of Mamas in the community with available donated items. Alternatively, matching donors whom have items identified by those clients in need. Items needed and items available are tracked and matched in an internal database that is updated daily as items come in and go out, and in office intakes take place. Although donating mama to mama is encouraged, a “store-front” space is maintained, and the Mamas for Mamas donation Van and team are available for pick up and delivery of items. This also includes donated new and returned items to stores partnered with Mamas for Mamas as means to recycling items set to be otherwise destroyed due to store policy. Monthly “pop-up” no cost clothing and household item swaps to take place. Location variable, space donated.


Participants are referred by local agencies, or self-referred due to struggles with poverty and a lack of basic resources. They are referred by Interior Health, the ministry of child and family development, school district 23, or partnered non-profit organizations serving similar populations. This program currently serves over 400 mamas per month and has been growing steadily since opening.