Dental Program

Smiles aren’t as free as they seem…

Thousands of mamas and children here in our community are in pain, fighting infection and/or going without necessary dental care because of the high cost and very limited resources. There is very little coverage for some who fit the low income criteria, and there is no coverage for the majority of families struggling to make ends meet. The hospital no longer does emergency extractions and the problem is getting worse. Mamas for Mamas screens all clients with our social worker and acts as a safety net for those living in poverty. We are  working hard to fill the gaps in dental support for families living in poverty and we need your help. Donate today to the Mamas Fill The Gap Dental Program and help change a smile today.
“The system is really not working and it’s only going to get worse unless we act,” Dr. Paul Allison, dean of the faculty of dentistry at McGill University in Montreal, said in an interview.

Mamas for Mamas

Stay at Home Gala

For the safety of all involved, the Mamas for Mamas 2020 gala has been taken exclusively online with a stay at home gala this year, and are so excited for you to join us!

Mamas Host Your Bubble Gala Presents Casey Clarke as MC with fabulous guest speakers Jillian Harris, Sarah Landry from The Bird’s Papaya, Jess Tetu, and Dr. Jody Carrington with entertainment by Country Music Star & Honourary Mama Aaron Pritchett!

Hear from our Mamas and Papas who have benefited from our programs. It’s a heartwarming evening you won’t want to miss.